Oh So Lovely

Author: perkinsadmin
Category: Design,Homes
Date: February 19, 2019

Jackie Hempel @finding_lovely has a kitchen that is so beautiful, you and I need to take a minute to talk about it. This is a look we don’t see much in north Mississippi but most elements of it really aren’t out of reach. Let’s walk through some of the details.

  1. First, the cabinets are what is called flush inset. If you start paying close attention, nearly every high end designer kitchen features these. As of right now today, the best place for us to get these is a company out of Oxford and they are super expensive, as in roughly 40% more expensive. However, we have two other local companies that will be offering these soon. Hopefully, that will result in them becoming less expensive.
  2. These beams are definitely true, reclaimed beams. Reclaimed materials can run the entire price spectrum but they are typically pretty pricey. The beams featured here could run anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 in our market depending on their history. Another way to get a similar look is for your trim carpenter to build a boxed beam. That means that he is taking new, individual boards to build the box structure of a beam. This method is a fraction of the cost and will be pretty. You can choose a more rugged wood species and play with the stain to give it a more aged looking patina. However, the beams on this photo have so much detail and character that it would be impossible to really replicate with new material.
  3. These countertops are Calcutta marble or possibly quartz. Calcutta is a higher price point than Carrara marble as Carrara can frequently be comparable to granite. If you will notice, the slab is unusually thick which gives it a higher-end look. It is possibly just a mitered edge. A mitered edge is when there is actually a trim piece of the same slab material attached to the edges. This isn’t without additional cost but would be less than a slab of that true thickness.
  4. Notice the windows are nearly flush with the countertop. This is a modern update that you won’t regret in your new home. I do have a suggestion though. The trim piece between the bottom of the window and the top of your counter does not need to be wood. This area is going to see a lot of water spray and you will have problems with a wood trim piece. A stone trim piece is the most practical as it will tolerate the water spray without getting damaged over time.
  5. As you will notice in this photo, the entire space within the beam-encased opening is actually recessed. Zoom in and look at the windows that are parallel with the sink. I have yet to ever see an internet plan with this feature. Depending on your budget, you will need a draftsman, a designer or an architect. We have relationships with well respected professionals that can help you design your dream home.
  6. Colors: Cabinet color- Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, wall color- Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Thank you Jackie for sharing your beautiful home with us!