Old Things, New Things, Special Things.

Author: perkinsadmin
Category: Design,Homes
Date: December 18, 2018

Reclaimed door hardware from the old Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Sounds expensive doesn’t it? It wasn’t. But it was a lot of hassle.

The magic of a custom home is in the details. Over the course of a custom building project, a client is inundated with decisions to make. What most will tell you is that it becomes overwhelming very quickly. When people get overwhelmed, the natural response is to simplify and make easy choices that require the least amount of effort.

Usually, this is where your vision is typically sidelined and lost. The special touches you crave require planning, time, and expertise. This is where we shine! Don’t spend your first night in your new home thinking of all the things you wished you had done. Let us help you make sure you get what you really want.